TechnoOps Collection

A Plutonium mod that improves the Zombies experience for Call of Duty Black Ops II


Exfil System

Every 5 rounds after Round 10
Players can end the game together by escaping through an Aether portal.
Exfil will not start unless the majority of players vote

Rampage Statue

Can only be activated within the first few rounds. Zombies will run at all times and spawn rate is non existent until you reach a certain amount of rounds. Great for a challenge!

Per Map Additions

Experience different additions to each map! Whether its a QoL change or an adjustment to how it functions!

More HUD Elements

Be able to see your location, direction youre facing, and your health while playing to enhance cooperative teamwork or solo play.

Improved Powerups

Obtaining a max ammo powerup will fill up your mag aswell as your stash and obtaining a nuke will give points per zombies killed


Change any settings you want to your hearts content, whether that would be enabling features or adjusting prices to certain features.

And More!

The mod gets updated frequently depending on the plans for it or if there is a bug that severely needs fixing.


- Plutonium
- Knowledge on where to put scripts/mods

Yes the mod can be free to use for Solo play, Co Op play, and even on servers! (Contact me your server IP so I can check it out!)

Join the Discord Server and give yourself the Call of Duty role!

Unfortunately no, but you can keep coming back to this page, the Official TechnoOps Collection server, OR the Discord server!
The version numbers are the date that its updated!

The mod will sometimes change your dvar setting in real time BUT it is HIGHLY recommended to just restart your server/match.

How to Install

Install the mod in 3 simple steps


Get the script

Go to the GitHub page to install the latest version of the script

Put the mod in the mods folder

The mods folder is located in %localappdata%\Plutonium\storage\t6\mods\ if the folders do not exist create them.
So the path should looks like this:

Load the mod

Once the mods is added into the folder, load the mod and play!

Config Generator

If you have a server of your own and don't know where to start, take a look at our config generator! Don't want to go through all the hassle? There is a Default button that generates a config with recommended options!

Ready to play? Download the mod here!

Choose between the mod folder (recommended), or the scripts!
The scripts do not contain textures and sounds!

The mod is also on our official server!

You can join via our IW4Admin page!

Past Patch Notes

You can checkout the most recent aswell as past updates of the mod!