TechnoOps Collection Config Generator

Choose what settings you want, click on generate, and copy all the text in the downloaded txt file and paste into your servers config file

Main Settings

Adjust features that work on all maps


This feature allows players to exfil and end the match without needing to do a final stand.

Rampage Statue

This feature allows players to allow zombies to run faster and have zero respawn delay to make early rounds faster

Tranzit Extras

Extra features that slightly improve Tranzit

Useful Perks

Most perks have additional effects. (Tombstone has PHD, Double Tap has quick melee, Stamin Up has unlimited sprint, and Speed Cola has fast hands)

Useful Nuke

The nuke will give points to all players by every zombie killed

Zone Notifier

Get notified when you enter a new area


The ability to see your zone location, direction youre facing, and the angle youre facing

Bo4 Max Ammo

Whenever a Max Ammo is given, itll fill both the ammo and your current clip

Global ATM

Have the ability to store and obtain points in a global bank, allowing other players to use aswell.

Bonus Points

Prone near the perk machines to get bonus points, option is not available on Die Rise and any machines manually added by a custom script

Tranzit Fast Travel

The ability to fast travel around Tranzit making navigation less tedious

Instant Pack a Punch

When using the Pack A Punch, itll happen instantly instead of waiting for the weapon to come out to manually grab it


A chance to get infected when a zombie hits you, get rid of the infection by touching the cure skull. Based off of COD Advanced Warfare Zombies' Infected zombie type

Vanguard Perk Animation

Whenever a player grabs a perk itll show the perks icon similar to how it was on Vanguard

Additional Settings

These settings are not for regular play! Its mainly meant for debugging and cinematics. Mess at your own risk!