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Omnic Ops Survival - An OW2 PvE mode

Omnic Ops Survival is a mode where you fight endless waves of bastions inspired by the Call of Duty Zombies series

You and your teams contact to Soldier 76 was lost and you are left with surviving the area as long as possible.
Will you survive to the point where you are able to escape? Or will you and your team meet your demise to the omnics. Or will you uncover secrets to what causes the omnics to attack.

Wishlist Shore Sweepers on Steam!

With trash finding themselves at your beach, its up to you to clean up as much as possible. Be careful not to get in a sea creatures way! They don't like to be bothered!

TechnoOps Zombies Collection

A brand new mod to the PlutoniumT6 world of mods that enhances the gameplay of Call of Duty Black Ops II Zombies!
Mod heavily inspired by the Reapers Collection mod for Black Ops III