Wishlist Shore Sweepers on Steam!

With trash finding themselves at your beach, its up to you to clean up as much as possible. Be careful not to get in a sea creatures way! They don't like to be bothered!

Tappy Plane

Inspired by Flappy Bird

Tappy Plane is a game where you can give the plane air by tapping the screen and you must make the plane passthrough the as much obstacles as possible.

This game is packed with fun upgrades and other shop items to help make gameplay fun, and all you need to do is purchase them with in-game currency which can be earned just by playing the game! No microtransactions to ruin the fun!

Techs Fanmade Arcade Collection

Relive the nostalgia of the known old Arcade games from the 1980s! (and maybe other memorable games).

Games added are: Tetris, Pong, Breaker, and Snake


The following games below are either Unfinished, Very Buggy, or Cancelled

DVD Splash Screen Simulator

WARNING!: This game provides loud noises and flashing lights!

The DVD Splash Screen meme is back as a Simulator!
Thats it! Nothing else! No clicks no nothing!

Just stare at the icon to see if the logo will touch a corner for a full minute. Idk, your choice!

Reasoning of Status: Game isnt in its best quality and doesn't feel like it belongs as a "Finished" game

Blinkys Game

A totally normal classic 3D Pac Man featuring everyones favorite antagonist, Blinky.

Reasoning of Status: Game is only a demo and have zero plans on becoming finished.

Five Nights with Flowey

Five Nights with Flowey is a fan-game of Five Nights At Freddys, Only one animatronic, two ways to save your skull. Floweytronic will have a sensor that will detect flesh, but there is one thing that will trick him... You might as well play to reveal some secrets :P Game itself is free but donations are accepted!

This game contains:

One bad in development jumpscare (Not easy but its still in the works)
One animatronic to worry about!
No Night Guard job, you have a different role

Reasoning of Status: Game is very buggy and due to losing the files, there is no chance of being fixed.