TechnoOps Collection

A Plutonium mod that improves the Zombies experience for Call of Duty Black Ops II

Version 1.16 - 7/17/2023

Fixing the inexcusable bugs. Except I get the benefit of not being a AAA company pulling this shit!

- Fixed an issue where when enabling fastravel_activateonpower dvar, the portals did not turn on properly after turning on the power
- Fixed an issue where players could respawn after they successfully escaped during Exfil
- Fixed an issue where Teddy Bears in the Secret Music in Survival Maps would activate the song after you interacted with one of the three bears instead of all three.

Version 1.15 - 5/20/2022

Quick little fixes. Getting to the point where I don't want to add anymore things besides adjustments and fixes.

- Moved the Exfil location in Mob of the Dead due to it overlapping the free Blundergat trigger.
- Fixed a bug where the option to enable the Compass mod wasn't functioning.

HOWEVER due to how unoptimized the Compass script was (it was my very first HUD script) and it causing issues with other HUDs (like Nukes flash and Exfil escaping transition) not functioning it will be disabled on the se

Version 1.14 - 5/09/2023

Bug fixes and small things.

- Fixed a bug where players kept respawning even though there were more than 5 zombies in the world. Also made it so players will only respawn early once per round.
- Added .help and .info commands. The info command can give more information about each mod activated into the server.
- Made secret music in Survival maps per player instead of entire match. This allows players joining late or midgame to activate it for themselves.
- Fixed a bug where the HUD will keep being created every time a player respawns causing some other mods to break.

Version 1.13 - 5/03/2023

A bug fix and some small additions.

- Fixed a bug where players could obtain the reward after Round 5 when they didn't activate the statue.
- Added bonus weapons and a perk for respawning and joining midgame.
After Round 5 will give you an ungraded Galil.
After Round 15 will give you Juggernog along with Galil.
After Round 20 will give you an upgraded Galil and Juggernog.
- Double Points now function properly with the Perk Bonus Points and the Useful Nuke Points.

Version 1.12 - 5/01/2023

Some side things I thought were needed to be added/fixed.

- Added a Mulekick icon near the ammo count for when youre holding a Mulekick weapon.
- Allowed players to respawn when there are around 5 zombies left instead of at the end of the round.
- Fixed a bug where the text you see when joining would appear more than once. (When joining and when spawning in the game)

Version 1.11 - 4/19/2023

Reaching the end of adding new stuff.
Perhaps maybe on more update and the mod will be complete lol.

- Added a reward for Rampage Statue, the rewards are wonder weapons. For Origins, the staffs roll every few seconds. There can also be multiple people with the same wonder weapons.
- Fixed a bug where on maps outside of Nuketown and Origins, Unlimited Sprint will execute without having Stamin Up. This was due to the use of two checks with the same perk.
- Improved some HUD code. Some HUDs that show for everyone was set to be made for each player using alot of the HUD limits and should help showing the other HUD elements properly for more than 2 players.

Version 1.10 - 4/10/2023

A little love for the good ol shield!

- Carpenter now repairs your shield, this doesn't give you a shield if yours broke before grabbing it.
- The shield now has a health bar.
- Exfil spawns in the mini bosses of Mob of the Dead and Origins to add a bit of challenge.

Version 1.9 - 4/07/2023

This is a smaller update but I felt generous :D

- If a player has all the perks in Mob of the Dead and Nuketown, they will be given Unlimited Sprint.
- Added an Improved version of Vulture's 9 Lives script. The script was outdated and didnt have a proper counter, this version is updated and has the proper counter. (This is a temporary feature as im not sure if I should keep it in as its someone elses code.)
- Added a few extra things to the Debug menu.
This is nothing for the public but once the mod releases, this will be accessible to everyone if they enable Debug mode.

Version 1.8 - 3/21/2023

Some new stuff and loads of bug fixes.

- Added a Global ATM: Players can share points amongst each other. Some ATM are near bank or near spawn.
- Added the players name in the Exfil and Rampage voting menu
- Fixed a bug where the Zone Notifier would overlap if the player goes into another zone before the previous Notifier finishes
- Fixed a bug for Exfil where the game wouldn't end if the timer runs out and at least one player hasn't escaped.
- Fixed a bug for Exfil where the game would also not end if a player bled out before the timer runs out.
- Fixed a bug where players who activated the voting menu could vote.
- Fixed a bug where on the Vanguard Perk Icon Animation, the animation wouldn't activate for Electric Cherry and Whos Who

Version 1.7 - 2/23/2023

Getting close to the final additions to the mod before release

- Improved some perks: Stamin up has unlimited sprint, Speedcola gives you fast hands, and Double Tap gives quick melee recovery
- Added a voting system to Rampage Statue (finally lol)
- Made the jetgun not break and obtainable by all players

This will probably be the final addition to the mod (no its not lol), I wanna focus on getting it completed so I can release 

Version 1.6 - 2/11/2023

New things have been added pretty quickly! Was gonna hold it off, but I feel generous!

- Added PHD effect to WhosWho, Tombstone, and Deadshot
- Added an .about command
- Added hitmarkers

Next update hoping to focus on fixing Tombstone for Tranzit aswell as adding hit and kill sounds

Version 1.5 - 2/08/2023

Server and Mod changes

- Fixed a bug on the Instant Pack a Punch where the machine will go back to its original function
- Fixed a bug where the Useful Nuke didn't properly give all players the points.
- Added two commands, .modlist and .patchnotes
Modlist gives the list of all active mods on the server/match
Patchnotes gives the mods current patch notes

- Fixed Mapvote bug causing the next tranzit map to break when being loaded in after playing another tranzit map
- Added a second server and a Private server
- Fixed a bug where when accessing the servers webpage would give the wrong link.

Version 1.4.5 - 1/27/2023 - Server Only

Just server things

Added banking system

The banking system uses YOUR player file instead of being saved elsewhere so your bank from one server/private match should work on this one!

In addition of the feature there is commands like .d for depositing points and .w to withdrawl points
After each match, itll automatically put your points in the bank (in thousands)

Version 1.4 - 1/03/2023

Small Quality of Life stuff

- Added Vanguard Perk HUD Animations
- Added an Instant Pack a Punch system

Version 1.3 - 12/29/2022

Server and Mod additions

- Added Fast Travel for Tranzit
- Fixed custom dvar errors, this one doesnt matter on the server but will matter if youre using the mod itself
- Did some back end things to improve code

Version 1.2 - 10/25/2022

Bug fixed and new stuff

- Fixed a bug where Exfil and Rampage wouldn't activate
- Gave Mule Kick the ability to restore your third slot weapon when you rebuy the perk
- Players who join between Round 1-5 will now automatically spawn in
- Replaced Exfils all player nearby requirement to a proper voting system

[Developers Note] After a few games I noticed players getting mad because they want to exfil but not everyone would co-operate or able to meet near the exfil location in time so I decided to get started on the Voting system to ensure that players will be able to better cooperate if they want to start it.

Version 1.0 - 10/21/2022

TechnoOps returns and Mod Beta release

This time its only a zombies server (for now) and will be running a mod I am currently working on called Techno Ops Zombies Collection!

The mod includes:
- Rage Inducer
- Exfil
- Compass
- Perk Limit Change
- Perk Bonus Points
- Tombstone in Solo
- In Tranzit Power turns on all Doors
- Max ammo fills your current mag aswell
- Nuke will give you points depending on the amount of zombies still alive
And much much more!

For now this mod is in beta and with that the server will be running in beta. I hope in the future itll be functional enough so I can get a trailer going. ALSO The performance has increased greatly! Thats right. I decided to use a VPS instead of my own shitty laptop! So expect more servers in the future!