Revive System 2.0 - JDBTQ

This is a more refined version of a revive system that you can use on your modes! Its highly customizable and the wiki is very descriptive. Much better than my previous attempts!

The revive system contains:
- Interact or Walk on to revive
- Fast bleed out
- Instant Respawn button (similar to what Starwatch has)
- Hide downed teammates from enemies (similar to what Starwatch has)
- Crawling or knocked down when downed
- Downed timer or no timer
- Choice on which Teams will be affected by the system
- Additional notifiers like Communication and Big Message for when teammates are downed, revived, or down was expired
- Allowing downed players to spectate their teammates

Simple Dummy Bot Pathing - JSH4SP

I have made a very simple template for forcing bots to move in a path.
There is no advanced movement like avoiding obstacles, they just head straight to the next specified destination.

In the first rule you have to add the locations you want the bot to move to as vectors.
The first location is the starting point and the last location is the ending point

In the pathing rule there is a comment specifying where you can add actions for when the bot is finished with their pathing.

When the bot dies, next time they respawn their pathing gets reset and they go to the starting location automatically as well as when a bot is created, they also go to the starting location automatically.