DVD Splash Screen Simulator

WARNING!: This game provides loud noises and flashing lights!
The DVD Splash Screen meme is back as a Simulator!
Thats it! Nothing else! No clicks no nothing!

Just stare at the icon to see if the logo will touch a corner for a full minute. Idk, your choice!

Released -
Available Platforms - Windows

Techs Fanmade Arcade Collection

Relive the nostalgia of the known old Arcade games from the 1980s! (and maybe other memorable games).

Released -
Available Platforms - Windows

Five Nights with Flowey

Five Nights with Flowey is a fan-game of Five Nights At Freddys, Only one animatronic, two ways to save your skull. Floweytronic will have a sensor that will detect flesh, but there is one thing that will trick him... You might as well play to reveal some secrets

Released -
Available Platforms - Windows

Monster Among Us

While venturing in a forest, you encounter something you never thought of before. Upon encountering it, the nightmare follows you every where you go. Who is it? And why are they targeting you?

No trailer/video have been released of it recently. So enjoy this channel update until there is one thats released!

Released - COMING SOON
Available Platforms - Web and Gameboy

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